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DICENTIS Conference Systems

Inherent cable and power supply redundancy built into the DICENTIS Conference System ensures no data is lost in the rare event of system failure. In addition, all audio and control data running through the system is securely encrypted by proven industry technologies, satisfying the most stringent and internationally recognized standards. This protects data against tampering and unauthorized access – extremely important in highly-secure or sensitive meeting situations

Open platform based on the OMNEO media networking architecture for system flexibility and cost-effective installation and maintenance

  • Easy integration with supporting systems to provide features such as automatic camera control
  •  License-based expandability for a future-proof system that can easily take on new functionality
  •  Optimized user experience to maximize meeting efficiency
  •  Simultaneous interpretation of up to 100 languages
  •  Cable and power supply redundancy to ensure meetings are held without system interruption

Future-proof via system
flexibility No matter how your organization changes, your DICENTIS Conference System will adapt to answer your evolving needs. That’s because DICENTIS is built on open standards that make the integration of several technologies possible, even third party solutions


At its heart, the DICENTIS Conference System makes use of the unique IP-based OMNEO media networking architecture, developed by Bosch, and operates over fully standardized Ethernet networks. This ensures flexibility and cost-effective installation and maintenance.

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