DCN Conference System

Flexible system design
The DCN Next Generation puts you in total control of your conference environment, whether it’s a permanent system or a configuration that needs to
be regularly modified or expanded. The system is based around a Central Control Unit (CCU) that operates with or without application software. The delegate units are connected to each other by a simple “loop-through” configuration. In addition, other modules and components – such as cameras or interpreter desks – can be combined with total flexibility to form a complete, tailor-made system.

Easy system expansion
The DCN Next Generation is designed with versatility in mind. The system can be as small or as large as you need, and it is always easy to expand. Simply plug new delegate units into existing ones or add a secure Wireless Access Point (WAP) to connect wireless discussion units for difficult-toreach or temporary positions. The WAP uses advanced, 128-bit AES Rijndael encryption to guarantee perfectly secure discussions. The system supports up to 4000 delegate units and is compatible with a wide range of external components such as cameras, public address systems, touchscreen controllers and video conferencing interfaces.

Audio expansion with a redundant backbone
Audio expanders (analogue or digital) can be easily connected for audio logging and/or distributing audio to other rooms. CobraNet™ devices are also available for real-time distribution of digital audio over Ethernet. And to distribute language channels to the audience, the Integrus transmitter can be integrated in the system. All these devices are connected using a loss-free high-speed fibre optic cable which also creates a secure and redundant backbone.