Our Clients

S.No.Client NameSystem/Equipment InstalledCommencing Date
1Cabinet Secretariat IslamabadConference Address SystemDec-03
2Governor House LahoreConference Address SystemJun-02
3Punjab Assembly LahorePublic Address System & Conference Address SystemAug-02
4Chief Minister House LahoreConference Address SystemJun-03
59th SAF Games Secretariat (Ceremonies Branch) IslamabadVideo Wall System (Big Screen)Oct-01
69th SAF Games Secretariat (Procurement Branch) IslamabadPublic Address System EquipmentOct-01
7Pakistan Broadcasting Corporation KarachiBroadcasting EquipmentFeb-01
8Pakistan Television Corporation Islamabad Centre IslamabadBroadcasting EquipmentJun-01
9Pakistan Television Corporation Head Quarter IslamabadBroadcasting EquipmentJun-01
10Pakistan Broadcasting Corporation Project Cell, RawalpindiBroadcasting EquipmentMay-02
11National Institute of Banking & Finance State Bank of Pakistan IslamabadConference Address SystemApr-01
12National Assembly Secretariat IslamabadProfessional MediaMay-02
13Pakistan Motorway Police Head office IslamabadAudio Visual Equipment Multimedia ProjectorJun-00
14Ministry of Information and Broadcasting IslamabadAudio Visual Equipment.Jun-00
15Ministry of Information and Broadcasting IslamabadAudio Visual Equipment.Jul-00
16Pakistan Post Office (Office of Director General) IslamabadProtectograph.Jun-02
17Press Information department IslamabadPhotographic EquipmentMay-01
18Islamabad College for Boys, I-10/1 IslamabadPublic Address SystemFeb-01
19Local Government & Rural Development MuzaffarabadPABX Telephone Exchange.Nov-01
20Peshawar University PeshawarPublic Address System & Conference Address SystemFeb-02
21Agricultural University PeshawarPublic Address SystemMar-02
22Federal Board of Intermediate & Secondary Education IslamabadConference Address SystemJul-00
23Chief Conservator Forest MuzaffarabadPublic Address System Conference Address SystemMay-01
24LokVirsa, Ministry of Culture & Tourism IslamabadProfessional Media (Beatacam)Jun-01
25LokVirsa, Ministry of Culture & Tourism IslamabadProfessional Media (Beatacam)Apr-02
26I.E. T, Allama Iqbal Open University IslamabadPublic Address System Multimedia ProjectorFeb-01
27Quaid-e-Azam University IslamabadAudio Visual Equipment.Jun-00
28Dawa Academy IslamabadAudio Visual EquipmentJun-00
29Gomal University Dera Ismail KhanConference Address SystemJan-02
30Gomal University Dera Ismail KhanPublic Address SystemFeb-02
31Directorate of Worker?s Education M/O Labour Govt. of Pakistan IslamabadPABX Telephone Exchange. Conference Address System.Jan-94
32Workers Welfare Fund, M/O Labor Govt. of Pakistan IslamabadPABX Telephone Exchange.Dec-93
33Monopoly Control Authority Government of Pakistan, IslamabadConference Address System.Jun-96
34Voice of America, Bureau office IslamabadPABX Telephone Exchange.Sep-97
35Office of the Chief Engineer Electricity MuzaffarabadConference Address System.Dec-97
36Office of the Chief Engineer Electricity MuzaffarabadPABX Telephone Exchange.Apr-02
37Kahuta Model College, Dr. A.Q Khan Research LaboratoriesKahutaPublic Address System.Multimedia ProjectorApr-98
38O/O the Senior Superintendent Police Police Lines IslamabadAudio Visual Equipment.Still & Video Cameras1994
39Youth Affairs Division Government of Pakistan, IslamabadAudio Visual Equipment.1994
40Pakistan Museum of Natural History IslamabadPhotographic EquipmentJun-02
41Press Information Department IslamabadPhotographic EquipmentDec-03
42OPF Girls College IslamabadPABX Telephone Exchange.Nov-93
43Islamabad Preparatory School IslamabadIntercom System.-
44OPF Boys College IslamabadPublic Address System.Jun-02
45The Xen Electricity Kotli Azad Jamu& KashmirPABX Telephone Exchange.Jun-02
46Pakistan Atomic Energy Commission IslamabadPABX Telephone ExchangeJul-02
47District Coordination Officer OkaraPABX Telephone Exchange/ IntercomDec-02
48The University of AJK MuzaffarabadConference Address SystemFeb-03
49National Veterinary Laboratory Project Ministry of Food, Agriculture & Live Stock, IslamabadConference Address System.Apr-03
50University of Health Sciences Lahore.Conference Address SystemApr-03
51Ministry of Food, Agriculture & Livestock, ?B? Block IslamabadConference Address SystemMay-03
52Pakistan Manpower Institute Labour, Manpower and Overseas Pakistanis IslamabadConference Address SystemMay-03
53Agriculture Department Government of Punjab, Lahore.Conference Address SystemMay-03
54General Head Quarter RawalpindiFilm ProductionMay-03
55Office of the Project Director Malakand Rural Development Project Fizagat SwatAudio Visual EquipmentMay-03
56Chief Conservator Forest MuzaffarabadPABX Telephone ExchangeMay-03
57National Centre for Rural Development & Municipal Administration, IslamabadConference Address System & PABX Telephone ExchangeMay-03
58Pakistan Manpower Institute IslamabadConference Address SystemJun-03
59Ministry of Information & Broadcasting ?Cabinet Block?, IslamabadAudio Visual EquipmentJun-03
60Ministry of Law, Justice & Human Rights IslamabadConference Address SystemJun-03
61Economic Affairs Division ?C? Block, IslamabadConference Address SystemJun-03
62ENERCON ?Ministry of Environment, Local Govt. & Rural Development Islamabad.Conference Address SystemJun-03
63Islamabad Commerce College for Women F-10/3,IslamabadPublic Address SystemJun-03
64National Institute of Population Studies IslamabadConference Address SystemOct-03
65Prime Minister Secretariat IslamabadPABX Telephone ExchangeOct-03
66Local Government Board MuzaffarabadPABX Telephone ExchangeOct-03
67The Xen Electricity Mirpur BhimberPABX Telephone ExchangeOct-03
68SAARC Human Resource Development Centre, IslamabadConference Address SystemNov-03
69National Police Academy IslamabadConference Address SystemDec-03
70Institute of Strategic Studies IslamabadConference Address SystemApr-02
71Pakistan Broadcasting Corporation KarachiBroadcasting EquipmentDec-01
72Pakistan Broadcasting Corporation KarachiBroadcasting EquipmentDec-01
73Pakistan Broadcasting Corporation KarachiBroadcasting EquipmentJan-03
74Pakistan Broadcasting Corporation KarachiBroadcasting EquipmentJul-00
75Pakistan Broadcasting Corporation KarachiBroadcasting EquipmentJan-02
76Pakistan Broadcasting Corporation Headquarters IslamabadAudio EquipmentMay-03
77Pakistan Broadcasting Corporation KarachiBroadcasting EquipmentJun-03
78Pakistan Broadcasting Corporation KarachiAudio EquipmentJun-03
79Pakistan Broadcasting Corporation KarachiAudio EquipmentJun-03
80Pakistan Broadcasting Corporation KarachiAudio EquipmentAug-03
81Pakistan Broadcasting Corporation KarachiAudio EquipmentSep-03
82Pakistan Broadcasting Corporation KarachiAudio EquipmentNov-03
83Pakistan Science Foundation IslamabadStar Lab PlanetariumApr-04
84Ministry of Foreign Affairs IslamabadProfessional Audio EquipmentMay-04
85National Training Bureau IslamabadAudio EquipmentMay-04
86Ministry of Petroleum & Natural Resources ?A? Block IslamabadConference Address SystemJun-04
87National Accountability Bureau ?NAB? IslamabadConference Address SystemJun-04
88Auditor General of Pakistan IslamabadConference Address SystemJun-04
89Dera Monitoring and Evaluation Cell Department of A.G.P. IslamabadConference Address SystemJun-04
90Pakistan Science Foundation IslamabadPublic Address SystemJun-04
91Pakistan Broadcasting Corporation Headquarter IslamabadConference Address SystemJun-04
92Foreign Service Academy IslamabadConference Address SystemJun-04
93Federal Public Service Commission IslamabadConference Address SystemJun-04
94National Language Authority IslamabadConference Address SystemJun-04
95Pakistan Broadcasting Corporation IslamabadStudio EquipmentJun-04
96Local Government & Rural Development MuzaffarabadConference Address SystemAug-04
97Federal Public Service Commission IslamabadPublic Address SystemAug-04
98Institute of Space Technology (SUPARCO) IslamabadPublic Address SystemAug-04
99Pakistan Broadcasting Corporation PeshawarBroadcast/Audio EquipmentOct-04
100Pakistan Broadcasting Corporation KarachiBroadcast/Audio EquipmentNov-04
101Pakistan Broadcasting Corporation IslamabadProfessional Sound SystemDec-04
102National Police Academy IslamabadConference Address SystemJan-05
103OPF (Overseas Pakistanis Foundation) Head Office, IslamabadConference Address SystemFeb-05
104Beacon House School System IslamabadPublic Address SystemFeb-05
105Pakistan Television Centre PeshawarAudio /Visual EquipmentMar-05
106Wood Working Centre (Punjab Small Industry Co-operation) RawalpindiConference Address SystemMar-05
107Higher Education Commission IslamabadFilm ProductionMar-05
108Pakistan Television Centre PeshawarAudio /Visual EquipmentApr-05
109Office of the S S P Mirpur A.J.K.PABX Telephone ExchangeApr-05
110Large Tax Payer Unit LahoreConference Address SystemMay-05
111Ministry of Law & Human Rights Division IslamabadPABX Telephone ExchangeMay-05
112Office of the Superintendent of Police Kotli A.J.K.PABX Telephone ExchangeMay-05
113Bureau of Agriculture Information NWFP PeshawarAudio Visual EquipmentMay-05
114National Training Bureau IslamabadAudio Visual EquipmentMay-05
115Federal College of Education IslamabadConference Address SystemJun-05
116Navel Headquarter IslamabadAudio Visual EquipmentJun-05
117Secretariat Training Institute (Establishment Division) IslamabadConference Address SystemJun-05
118Federal Water Management Cell Ministry of Food, Agriculture & Live Stock IslamabadAudio Visual EquipmentJun-05
119Directorate General of Film & Publication Ministry of Information & Broadcasting IslamabadConference Address SystemJun-05
120Board of Intermediate & Secondary Education, Abbottabad.Conference Address System / Public Address SystemJun-05
121Poly Technical Institute for Women Islamabad.Public Address SystemJun-05
122Pakistan Scientific and Technological (PASTIC) IslamabadFilm ProductionJun-05
123Pakistan Broadcasting Corporation Headquarter IslamabadPABX Telephone ExchangeJul-05
124Intellectual Property Organization (IPO) IslamabadConference Address SystemJul-05
125Pakistan International Airline (PIA) KarachiConference Address SystemJul-05
126Comsats Institute of Information Technology WahCanttPublic Address SystemAug-05
127Pakistan Broadcasting Corporation Headquarter, IslamabadAudio EquipmentSep-05
128S & G. A. D. Civil Secretariat LahoreConference Address SystemOct-05
129Pakistan Broadcasting Corporation Headquarter, IslamabadPABX Telephone ExchangeNov-05
130Pakistan Broadcasting Corporation Headquarter, IslamabadPublic Address SystemDec-05
131Pakistan PWD IslamabadFilm ProductionDec-05
132International Islamic University IslamabadConference Address SystemDec-05
133International Islamic University IslamabadPublic Address SystemJan-06
134Pakistan Broadcasting Corporation Headquarter, IslamabadStudio Transmitter LinkJan-06
135Agriculture Department LahoreAudio Visual EquipmentJan-06
136Atomic Energy Minerals Centre LahoreConference Address System Public Address SystemJan-06
137Pakistan National Council of Arts IslamabadAudio Visual EquipmentJan-06
138Behria University IslamabadPublic Address SystemJan-06
139Chinar army Public School & college MurreeConference Address SystemJan-06
140Punjab Council of arts, LahoreTheater LightsJan-07
141Chief Minister Secretariat,8 Club road LahoreConference Address SystemApr-07
142Central Directorate of National Savings, IslamabadConference Address SystemMar-07
143Planning & development Department new civil secretariat, MuzaffarabadConference Address SystemApr-07
144Federal Investigation authority IslamabadConference Address SystemJun-07
145Ministry of Kashmir Affairs IslamabadConference Address SystemJul-07
146National Police Bureau (HQ) IslamabadConference Address System Public address SystemJul-07
147Collectorate of Custom LahoreConference Address SystemAug-07
148Northern Area Secretariat GilgitConference Address SystemAug-07
149National Defense University IslamabadConference Address SystemSep-07
150Central Police office KarachiConference Address SystemSep-07
151Income tax House (HQ) LahoreConference Address SystemOct-07
152Comstech Secretariat IslamabadCamera Control System Interpretation System Sound System DCN-NG Conference AddressNov-07
153Pakistan Engineering Council IslamabadConference address system & Public address systemOct-07
154Ministry of Education IslamabadConference address systemApr-09
155Kundian Chemical Industries, PAEC, MianwaliPublic address systemMay, 2009
156Punjab Agricultural Research Board LahoreConference address systemAug-08
157WAPDA LahoreConference address system & Public address systemFeb-09
158Secretariat Training Institute IslamabadConference Address systemJun-09
159Pakistan Broadcasting Corporation RawalpindiStudio EquipmentJul-09
160Rural Support Programmers NetworkConference Address systemJul-99
161Air University IslamabadConference Address systemFeb-10
162Commissioner Office Lahore DivisionConference Address SystemJun-10
163Local Government Muzaffrabad AJKPABX Telephone ExchangeJun-10
164Commissioner Office RawalpindiConference Address SystemJul-10
165Pakistan Atomic Energy Commission,KarachiPublic Address SystemJan-10
166Rawalpindi Cantonment Board,RawalpindiAudio Conference SystemJanuary,2011
167PPW,PAEC JoharabadFire Retardant CableMay,2011
168Pakistan Atomic Energy CommissionConference SystemMay,2011
169Federal Urdu University, Islamabad.Public Address SystemMay,2011
170Environment Protection Agency, Lahore &IslamabadDigital CamerasMay-11
171Gambat Institute of Medical SciencesDCN Next Generation (Digital Conference system)Jul-11
172Pakistan Medical and Dental CouncilConference Address SystemOct-11
173Zarai Taraqiati Bank Ltd. IslamabadConference Address SystemDec-11
174Planning & Development Department Khyber PakhtoonKhuwaConference Address systemDec-11
175Pakistan Science FoundationScience ModelsDec-11
176Pakistan Broadcasting CorperationDigital Conference SystemApr-12
177Power Plant Workshop, JauharabadConference Address SystemApr-13
178Lahore Waste Management CompanyVideo Wall & Related MaterialJul-13
180Senate Secretariat IslamabadPublic Address (PA System)Oct-13
181OMV (Pakistan) Maurice Energy LimitedBosch Praesideo Digital PA SystemJan-14
182Power Plant Workshop JauharabadCCTV EquipmentFeb-14
183National Electronics Complex of Pakistan (NECOP)Stationery ItemsMar-14
184Pakistan Atomic energy Commission P.O Box 1723Sound SystemApr-14
185CNGPS, Chashma Nuclear Power PlantPublic Address SystemJun-14
186Gambat Institute of Medical Sciences, GambatBosch DCN MultimediaJul-14
186Gambat Institute of Medical Sciences, GambatTurnkey Project of Lecture hallsAug-14
186PC Hotel LahoreCCTV SystemAug-14
187ICCC, IslamabadSound SystemNov-14
188National electronics Complex of Pakistan (NECOP)Galaxy TabsJan-15
189Punjab Council of ArtsStage LightsMar-15
190Punjab Council of ArtsSound SystemMar-15
191Cadet College SangharPublic address SystemMay-15
192S & GAD, Civil Secretariat LahoreDigital Conference Address SystemJun-15
193C and W Department Government of Punjab, LahoreDigital Conference Address SystemJun-15
194Cadet College SangharSupply & Installation of Heavy Duty Multimedia ProjectorNov-15
195DCO MuzzafargarhSupply and installation of conference systemJan-16
196Pakistan RailwaysSupply and installation of Public Address SystemFeb-16
197Baluchistan University of Engineering and Technology Khuzdar ( BUET)Supply and Installation of Sound SystemMar-16
198PO BOX 1948Supply of CCTV CamsMay,2016
199KCP JoharabadSupply of Public Address SystemMay,2016
200Chashma Nuclear Power Generating StationSupply of Sound SystemJune,2016
201The Urban Unit Govt of PunjabSupply and Installation of Language Interpretation System at Govt House MurreeSep, 2016
202DCO PakpattanSupply and installation of Bosch CCS 1000D conference systemOctober,2016
203Punjab Police Integrated Command and Control Centre, LahoreSupply and installation of Bosch CCS 1000D conference systemOctober, 2016
203Pakistan RailwaySupply & Installation o Supply and installation of Bosch CCS 1000D conference systemNovember, 2016
204UET, LahoreSupply & Installation of Digital Conference SystemNovember , 2016
205DCO SahiwalSupply & Installation of Digital Conference SystemDecember,2016
206Pakistan Institute of Fashion & DesignSupply & Installation of Conference SystemDecember,2016
207PAF Base Noor KhanSupply & Installation of Public Address System in PAF Medical CollegeJanuary, 2017
208Planning & Development Department, PeshawarSupply & Installation of Conference Address SystemFebruary, 2017
209Bureau of Immigration & PassportsSupply & Installation of LEDsMarch, 2017
210Muhammad Nawaz Sharif University of Agriculture, MultanSupply & Installation of Sound SystemApril, 2017
211Asian Development Bank, IslamabadSupply & Installation of Conference SystemApril, 2017
212Board of Investment, IslamabadSupply & Installation of Sound SystemMay, 2017
213DCO BahawalpurSupply & Installation of Digital Conference SystemJune, 2017
214Punjab Health Care Commission, LahoreSupply & Installation of Public Address and Conference Address SystemJune, 2017
215Punjab Information Technology BoardSupply & Installation of Public Address and Conference Address SystemJune, 2017
216IG Railway Police, LahoreSupply & Installation of Conference Address SystemJune, 2017
217KCP, JoharabadSupply of Public Address SparesJune, 2017
218International Islamic University, IslamabadSupply & Installation of Public Address SystemJune, 2017
219PAEC, P.O. Box 1948Supply of Public Address SystemJune, 2017
220Azad Jammu & Kashmir House, IslamabadSupply of Conference Address SystemJune, 2017
221Punjab Information Technology Board LahoreSupply Of Conference SystemSep-17
222Primary & Secondary Healthcare Department LahorePublic Address SystemDec-17
223National University of Sciences & Technology IslamabadInteractive Smart BoardDec-17
224Punjab Information Technology Board LahorePublic Address SystemJan-18
225National Highway & Motorway PolicePublic Address systemMay-18
226Board Of management Sundar Industrial Estate LahoreConference SystemJun-18
227World Bank IslamabadConference systemJun-18
228Urban Unit Lahore Site: Govt. House MurreeConference SystemSep-18