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Smart Pass ASP-19

Smart Pass ASP -19

Face Recognition And Temperature Control

  • Face recognition & temperature measurement for the access control system
  • To determine whether access allowed after temperature measurement (heat detection camera) and face recognition.
  • Access will be denied by showing the message “Please wear a mask” if people wear masks only on chin or mouth or don’t wear a mask.
  • Even if people wear a mask, it can accurately recognize face 99% in 0.5 seconds. And access will be denied if body temperature is over 37.5 degrees Celsius (if set to 37.5 degrees).

8-Inch IPS Full View LCD Display

Supports 30,000 Face Database

Frontal Function

Infrared thermal detection camera /Auxiliary lighting /Alarm lamp /Full-HD Dual Camera /Infrared lamp for lighting Card reader (optional)

Rear Function

Infrared Thermal Imaging Module / heat treatment plate / height control / Speaker

Accurate Facial Recognition

Face Recognition in 0.5 seconds and 1:1  comparative recognition rate 99.7%

Rapid Body Temperature Detection

Body temperature detection  distance 1m(to 0.5 m as optimum) measurement error +- 0.2 degree Celcius