Versatile capabilities at your fingertips

Full-featured DSP capabilities
The PLENA matrix system brings the benefits of the latest DSP technology to the fore. All DSP features of the PLENA matrix system can be accessed easily through a user-friendly Windows GUI that searches the network automatically so there is no need to remember IP addresses. The Windows GUI is designed to give installers maximum control over the setup, while the iPad®/iPhone® GUI is designed for simplicity and ease of use for the end user. Both give end users the ability to select their own background music source and mix any microphone/line input without affecting other zones in the system.

Quality sound system solution for all
types of applications
Bosch’s dedication to excellence and focus on quality is evident throughout the PLENA matrix system — from intuitive configuration interfaces and streamlined installation through simplicity of cabling to its power-packed acoustic capabilities. Users will appreciate the powerful wireless control capabilities of the PLENA matrix system, and be surprised at its flexibility across vertical applications such as shopping centers, schools, restaurants and bars, recreational facilities and office buildings.