Mitsubishi LCD Display Wall LM55P2

Enjoy the reproduction of natural-looking images. Incorporation of an ultrathin bezel just 3.5mm thick makes it possible to produce a nearly seamless multi-screen display free of obvious joining lines.
Equipped with the DisplayPortTM 1.2a input terminal, Mitsubishi Electric display walls feature four 2×2 panels joined via daisy-chain connection using a DisplayPortTM cable, enabling the reproduction of ultrahigh-definition 4K image (3,840×2,160 pixels) signals as is.
Works in configurations of up to 25 panels (5 wide x 5 high). Adjust for the panel bezel width enabling the display of extremely accurate images spanning across multiple screens.
Full high-definition monitor with nearly seamless ultrathin 3.5mm bezel
4K full high-definition monitor with DisplayPortTM 1.2a
Supports OPS-standard computers for constructing clear, vivid digital signage
Multi-vision balancing technology inherited from Mitsubishi Display Wall Technology an internal sensor and an inter-screen communication function are incorporated, enabling brightness between screens to be balanced automatically, thus maintaining an even brightness across multiple screens.
Two layered images can be displayed on one monitor.

Vivid images instantly.
Innovative Bezel Design Paired with Multiple 2K LCD Monitors for 4K Display 3.5mm bezel and next-generation high-definition imagery
Tiling Compatibility with Frame Compensation
Advanced Control Room Solution
As shown by the black line, brightness are controlled continuously across all four screens.
Adjustment time
4-screen multi-image example
50% / 100% Brightness

Additionally, the sub-display x 1 can be moved to an arbitrary position to show more information.
Features an optional slot compatible with Intel®’ OPS standards, enabling the display and computer to be integrated for clear, vivid digital signage.
The new VC-LM1HD option supports HDCP long-distance transmission when using the CAT6(STP) cable.
Images can be input from up to 100 meters away.