Integrus – Wireless Language Distribution System

A flexible system with perfect reception

Superior audio quality
Bosch was the originator of fully digital conference systems and introduced the first-ever fully digital infrared language distribution system. Bosch’s Ir-Digital Technology is a digital protocol that conforms with and even exceeds IEC 61603, part 7, the industry standard for digital infrared transmission in the 2 to 6 MHz frequency band. As a result, Integrus offers superior sound quality with a signal/ noise ratio of more than 80 dB. Thanks to Bosch’s Ir-Digital Technology, the sound comes out exactly as it goes in.

System integration
Audio quality is enhanced even further when Integrus is used with Bosch’s DCN Conference Systems (DCNNext Generation and DCN Wireless). As both systems integrate seamlessly, languages are automatically synchronized. Integrus also provides a perfect extension to Bosch’s CCS 900 Ultro Discussion
System and the 6-channel interpreter desk for perfect reception at smaller meetings. This extremely flexible system can also be linked to any other brand
of conference system.